Server Hosting Message 16/11/16


Some websites and email services suffered a period of downtime yesterday until this morning.

Services should now be returning to normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience however this was due to a national server issue out of our control

*IMAD Scotland uses a national webhosting company for our website servers
and we rely on them obviously for minimal downtime and support for our websites and other services.

Daily were recently taken over by a larger company in Sept 2016.

We shall keep an eye on the situation to ensure that periods of downtime are minimal.
Whilst all internet and computer services are prone to downtime due to upgrades or unforeseen technical
issues it is obviously important to us and our customers that these are minimal.

If there were to be further outages then in the long term moving to other hosting servers is an option
however again there can be periods of up to 72 hours unavailability in moving websites so ideally this will not be required.

We have used Daily for over 10 years and generally the service is reliable so hopefully this will only be a singular issue.

Please note we are instantly aware of any downtime for websites as we receive notifications as soon as a site is offline.


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