IMAD SCOTLAND – Quarterly Newsletter – 2013 (1)


IMAD SCOTLAND Email Newsletter – 2013 (1)

Welcome to our new Quarterly Newsletter email. This service covers general information for our customers and internet/web design/marketing topics.

Please follow us on Facebook and our Blog for more continual interaction and updates.



We have initiated a new blog from January 2013. This will have handy tips about marketing, social media, computer issues and tech news etc..

There will also be a developing index of useful links for the above categories

We will generally also replicate blog posts on our Facebook Page via links



We are happy to help all customers with on-going support to increase website hits

Facebook and Twitter are growing rapidly monthly – make sure it is part of your on going marketing strategy
Even minimal posts and interaction a few times a week will increase your marketing exposure
Try to get into the habit of spending a few hours on social media on a weekly basis
Make new friends, post offers, updates, promote new items, a sale item, post new pictures, get new likes on your page
Include direct links to your website – just type your website address at the end of the message

if we have set up a Twitter account and Facebook Page for you then Facebook posts will replicate to Twitter
Try also to build up you Twitter Followers – the more followers the more people see your posts

Are you interacting with your FRIENDS and LIKES on Facebook? Try posting messages on at least alternate days with updates and new offers/promotions.
Your FRIENDS are your market on your Facebook personal page – try not to over advertise to personal friends though by keeping it short and spaced out
Your LIKES are your market on your Facebook Business Page
The Facebook Business Page is just an add on application in your personal account – you will see links to it on your Facebook home page/left vertical menu

You don’t need to bombard people with messages to get exposure – in fact subtle simple one-off messages are much better
In your messages ask people to SHARE the message for you – this spreads its output
try being creative and adding a picture or a special offer or something new of interest
Try and build up the LIKES on your Facebook Page especially
If you would like a quick message or promotion or an image with some design we can help you with this – just send us a message or email

We can help most customers with Facebook postings for free as part of their service

Just send us a message telling us of a promotion, new product/key product image, sale item etc.,

Additionally we normally promote you regularly on our other Facebook pages and groups we run if you have an on-going marketing package with us

we also set up portal pages for all customers which promotes you on a secondary internet location linking to your website

Ideally the more places of exposure on the internet for your business the better



Are you utilising your website to its potential for increasing business?

If your website is not updated regularly or promoting new products then this decreases the interest for visitors.

Try a SALES/PROMO Page updated monthly or quarterly?

Consider selling Items on your website or open an EBay Shop as secondary avenue – you could have links to eBay from your website

Make sure you have social media links to and from your website

Make sure you are registered on Google paces as a business

Google Places can increase your website hits and search profile

Consider adding a blog/news section to your website for interacting with customers



Our main aim of this is to develop into a substantial presence in Scotland wide geographical/business areas via more IMAD Group websites, directories and social mediaThis is turn should help to increase the exposure of our customer websites through wider promotion, advertising and reach

One of of prime aims will be to increase social networking and business promotion on line to benefit the viewability of all our customer websites.
IMAD Scotland and will continue as normal
IMAD Scotland Group will mainly administer in house websites, business directories and expansion in areas such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Central Scotland and the Borders.

As this service develops in 2013 we will provide a detailed overview in a single email
Our aim is to have interaction and wider promotion of IMAD Scotland services and websites as well as Customer Websites & Services.
this should allow us to have larger exposure both of our won business and customer businesses.

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