Protect yourself from domain scam emails

Year on year online fraud and email scams are increasing so its important to ensure you are aware and protected from such threats in 2015.

Phishing emails are emails which look like they are from trusted companies but are in fact fake. The sender is in fact attempting to steal or access your account details to gain unauthorised access to your account9s).

These emails are a serious threat to the security of your on-line accounts and must be avoided at all costs.

How can I avoid scam and phishing emails?

Here are a few tips to help you keep yourself safe from these types of email…

Guard against spam – Be cautious of any email you are not expecting or from unrecognised senders.

Don’t click links – Hover over any links before you click them, does the link contain a strange address that is different from the email content? If so, don’t click it.

Go direct – instead of clicking on the links in the email, go to the website directly.

Personal information – Be aware of any email that asks you to log in, for personal or financial information, they might be trying to steal it.

Read warnings – If you follow a link and get an SSL warning message, read it, does the SSL certificate match the website you are visiting?

Protect yourself – Ensure your computer is protected with a firewall, spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spy software

Latest software – Ensure you always upgrade your web browser and email client to the latest version. The upgrades may include essential security updates and built-in protection you are missing out on.

Double check – If you ever receive a suspicious email, and are unsure if you should click the link, simply contact the company who sent the email and check the authenticity of the email. It only takes a moment but could save you a lot of trouble.

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