Top 5 SEO tips to stay on top of your competition

There is no magical recipe for successful SEO, it is more about constantly applying well-know approaches. The rules that search engines use to rank websites is ever-changing, thus your efforts should be consistent.

Google is constantly tweaking its search algorithm to return relevant results. Some tweaks have little effect on search engine results, whereas others have much wider effects, and you might discover that your page dropped from a top three ranking to a page 10 of a search results page. This means that you need to keep updated with Google’s improvements in order to improve your site.

Top 5 SEO tips to stay on top of your competition

Here are the top 5 things you should focus on to ensure you get the most out of your SEO efforts:

Tip 1: Review your most linked-to content and create more based on it

Use Google Analytics or a backlink analysis tool to find the content that is most linked to. Then use the same approach and create another article using a different angle or providing new and interesting insights.

Tip 2: Follow-up new links to your website to form partnerships

If you are getting valuable traffic from other sites, find out from which ones and try to form relationships with the site owners. This way you can improve these links to get more traffic or look at opportunities for future links.

Tip 3: Reconfigure high authority links

Use a backlink analysis tool such as Google Webmaster Tools to review the state of your existing links, especially those with high authority. Determine how you can improve them in terms of anchor text or how you can add other links.

Tip 4: Focus on the pages which will give you the most boost

Use Google Analytics to review your landing pages and find out which ones are attracting a high volume of natural or organic traffic. Then try to improve these pages by tweaking them – change titles, headings and sub-heading, add call-to-action and internal links.

Tip 5: Review your title tag on key pages

Take a closer look at your title tags and tweak them if necessary. You might discover some of them are too short or too long, maybe automated by your CMS. That’s why it’s best to review and edit them manually.

The future of SEO

With all the tweaks and changes that might occur, the best recommendations are to keep providing your visitors with outstanding quality content that is relevant and interesting, as well as ensure you create an unbeatable user experience.

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